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I've been doing hydrotherapy treatments with Tatyana for 6 yrs now and I can say that she is one of the best therapist in San Diego. She is knowledgeable, caring and takes her time to make sure you get the maximum benefits. Her clinic is clean and inviting and her sessions are professional, very hygienic and relaxing....I always come out of the session feeling rejuvenated and energized. Other hydro therapist don't seem to take the time necessary to make sure each individual gets the attention needed like at Restoration Clinic. Thank you Tatyana for restoring my health through my colon.


Lina C.



I am a male, 66 years of age and I have suffered chronic constipation most of my life. I began receiving colonics about 15 yrs ago. Most were sporadic, not on a regular basis and in almost all cases, the "hydro-therapist" would just "stand by and let the water do the work". Relief, if any, was only temporary. Even at well known "Health institutions" the therapists did not take a very active role in the process.


Tatyana, at Restorations, is totally different. I went to her on a friend's recommendation and I am totally thankful for that recommendation. Her care, consideration, and attention through the whole process is unbelievable. As long as I am living in the San Diego area she will be my "hydro-therapist". Previous hydro-therapists had commented on how weak my peristaltic action had been. Now for the first time in years I can and feel a significant increase in my peristaltic action and my eliminations are much, much more regular and easier. I will be forever indebted to her care.


I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for colonic treatments.


Paul D Freeman



Dear Tatyana,


I want to Thank You for all that you have done for me and my family.


The name of your business is very befitting, RESTORATION... My Primary Physician at Scripps Clinic had suggested I start taking medication (Lipotor) based on tests that were given to me during my annual exam.  He also suggested,based on blood tests, that I was a border line Diabetic and would need to start taking meds for this"condition" as well. (I chose not to take the Lipitor...I chose to see you)


After going through your Cleanse (Liver) that included colonic sessions, I went back to Scripps Clinic for a follow up and the doctor was amazed to put it lightly, that all of the tests results showed a complete reversal. More importantly, I felt 100% ( I'd say 200% if there were such a thing) better...If I did not experience this first hand, I may not have believed this were possible.  I'm living proof that it is and your sincere desire to help people with their/our health is very evident.  You are a true blessing Tatyana.


We have referred family members and several friends to you that have thanked us for doing so.  You change and Restore lives...!


For ever beholding...


Tom Welsh



When I met Tatyana Lantz, almost a year ago, I had never had a colonic and I was (naturally) nervous and yes, a bit shy about the process. But, I was having some constipation and had gained some weight and thought I'd explore the option to have a colonic. So, I sought out Restoration and the colonics solved all my problems. I've lost quite a bit of weight, no more constipation, I feel better. More energy. Haven't been sick like everyone else I know with a cold or flu. Learned a lot about my body in the process and what it needs for healthy assimilation and elimination. Now, having said 'yes, I got results' is only half of what else I received which was caring, professional services by Tatyana Lantz. Never ONCE have I felt 'embarrassed' during a colonic. Her personality is so perfectly suited for her professional and she is also very funny. (She calls herself Colonic Queen). I go regularly for 'wellness' reasons and I recommend Tatyana Lantz and Restoration. In fact, I drive about 35 miles each way to see her for appointments. I've met many of her regular clients who are coming and going from appointments and we ALL drive a long way to see her from Orange and San Diego Counties. Even people from other countries come see her when they're in town. She has as many men as women clients (which sort of surprised me) who come see her regularly and her clients stay with her for years and years. Her clients are all ages, sizes and shapes and she treats us all with the same dignity and caring - - always greeted with a smile and pleasant word from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. Tatyana stays up on all the latest information about her profession and she enjoys what she does and helps many people. Including me. She is Five Stars in all areas.


Phyllis D.



Tatyana is very knowledgeable and professional. She is the best and is a wonderful hydro therapist. She helped me avoid a painful surgery with colonics. She has helped increase my health knowledge and change my diet for optimum energy and body functions. I would recommend her to anyone needing health expertise.


Bob P.



I have had a few colonics in the past, or so I thought, until I went to Restoration. I did a 14 day cleanse that included Colonic therapy. The expertise at Restoration is exceptional. The knowledge, background, etc. exceeds any expectations I might have had!!! It really got me moving, cleaned out and healthier than I think I have ever been. This is coming from a full time Professional fitness expert. I highly recommend Restoration to everyone. It is as important as brushing one's teeth!!!





Restoration provides a service that takes very uncomfortable subject, turns it into a very comfortable experience, Restoration is the only place I would go to for Colonics. Tatyana is the best!!


K. Archipley



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We are greatful for the opportunity to assist you in your decision to restore your health and to maintain a vital and healthy lifestyle. We teach to live in harmony with the eight laws that govern health so that instead of having to "cure" a sick body, we can maintain a healthy one.

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